'The Little Missenden Festival plays a very important part in the life of the local community bringing excellence, diversity and accessibility of musical experience. Of particular significance is the work with schools. I see it first-hand. The children are inspired by the music, learn how to work together, use different parts of their brain, and they work across school and age boundaries. There is plenty of evidence that enriched musical experience in childhood has a lasting effect on emotional, intellectual and artistic development throughout life. As a vicar I am delighted to be able to host and support this work as it embodies so many of the values that I hold dear.’

Reverend Canon Harper 
Great Missenden Parish Church (website)

'The legacy and impact of your workshops most certainly moves with the children (and teachers) beyond the festival.  The main take away for me has been that improvisation/composition is far more accessible to children than one might think as long as sessions are delivered in a fun and dynamic way and without making the children feel on the spot or uncomfortable. You are incredibly good at building confidence and making the children feel at ease. The way you introduce the children to composition is so accessible. 

In addition to your impact I also feel the musicians involved in the project have had a notable impact on the children and on me too. It really helps when they have seen an instrumental performance live and several times as they do in the festival.  

I hope you can see that you and the workshops have had a big impact on the music at Great Missenden School!  Something which we are very thankful for.'  

Emma Hulbert, Music Teacher, GM Combined School
Great Missenden, Church of England Combined School (website)