Little Missenden Festival: 8 - 17th October, 2021
Welcome Back

This year we’re back in business after last year’s hiatus. We'll be pulling out all the stops to ensure that you can again enjoy real live music in Little Missenden’s uniquely welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. We always strive for an environment in which we can all listen to high-class performances of inspiring music among friends – and, Covid willing, we intend to do that again this year.

The tenth-century church of St John the Baptist remains at the heart of the Festival. This lovely building – its unique collection of ancient wall paintings enhanced in recent years through Heritage Lottery funding – is a magical, atmospheric place where music, literature and art of the very highest quality can be enjoyed.

This year’s programme signals a most welcome return to a form of normality after last year’s hiatus. A Guardian leader a few months ago summed up the importance of small-scale festivals like Little Missenden’s for our emotional wellbeing: “They are all needed. The music-making that goes on in them is fierce and profound, and the audiences who come, so politely and undemonstratively, leave with powerful feelings stirring their souls.”

We're very glad that all the artists who were unable to appear at Little Missenden last year have agreed to be with us. You can find full details on our Programme pages and how to book on the Tickets page. You can also view or download our 2021 Festival Brochure here.

Covid Safety

In these uncertain times we are totally committed to making sure that all our events are safe for our audiences, performers and volunteers.
We are complying with official recommendations and regulations and we are also guided by our own risk analysis in order to keep us all safe. Our full risk assessment can be found here. Our current procedures can be found on our Safety page.

This year we will have social distancing in place and, if you have already booked, we ask you to arrive early with your tickets to take your seats safely. Doors will be kept open to improve ventilation, so please dress warmly.

Please check for updates here and keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or email us if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival very soon!