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David Matthews

Our Patron is the distinguished composer, David Matthews. His work has often been featured at the Festival. As recently as 2018, Sarah-Jane Bradley (Rossetti Ensemble) played Sonatina for Viola and Piano op141 which David wrote for her.

"I am delighted to have been asked to become Patron of the Little Missenden Festival, which I have been attending regularly for nearly 30 years, ever since Richard Drakeford commissioned my 6th Quartet for the 1991 Festival. Some time ago I described Little Missenden as 'England's best-kept secret festival', and that still seems to sum it up rather well. Every year there are unusual concerts of a very high standard played to discerning and highly appreciative audiences, who are not afraid of contemporary music. I look forward to many more visits, and hope that the Festival will never lose its spirit of adventure."

David's Website

Works performed at the Festival

1988  String Quartet no3 - Brindisi String Quartet
1991  Piano Trio op34 - Chagall Piano Trio
1991  String Quartet no6 op56 ¹ - Brindisi String Quartet
1994  String Trio op48 - Kent String Trio
1996  Song and Dance Sketchbook ²  - Schubert Ensemble of London
1999  String Quartet no6 op56 - Brindisi String Quartet
2002  Three Studies for solo violin - Alexandra Wood
2003  Three Roman Miniatures op81 - Edward Vanderspar and Friends
2004  Adagio - Sound Collective
2006  Sonata for Piano op47 - Mark Bebbington
2009  Songs and Dances of Mourning - Podger/Cooper/de Saram
2009  Two Dionysius Dythrambs - James Kreiling
2010  Songs for Gemma (from Journeying Songs op95) - Rosefield/Waley-Cohen    
2011  Drakeford Tribute (with Tom Hyde) ²  - Schubert Ensemble
2011  Actaeon - Counterpoise
2013  Piano Trio #3 op97 - Leonore Trio
2013  Fugue 15 (2003) - Aisha Orazbayeva
2013  Three Birds and a Farewell - Sound Collective
2018  Sonatina for Viola and Piano op141 - Bradley/Lenehan

¹ Commission and first performance  ² First performance

David Matthews & Sarah-Jane Bradley (Oct 2018)