St Christopher

Then and Now
Event 10
Saturday October 15th, 11.30am 
Little Missenden Church

Old and new delights for recorders
John Ward
Fantasia No 3
Luke Styles
Movements from A Stratagem for Light (without words)
Anthony Holborne
The Image of Melancholy Pavan, Fairie Round, The Honeysuckle, Galliard
Robert Parsons
In Nomine III
John Eglestone
In Nomine II
Alfonso Ferrabosco I
In Nomine I
Richard Lannoy
Tangled Pipes
Kim Ashton
Giovanni Coperario
Fantasia in F

This is an archived event from the 2011 programme.

CONSORTIUM5:  Emily Bloom, Kathryn Corrigan, Oonagh Lee, Gail Macleod, Roselyn Maynard recorders

If you’re looking for a delightful way to spend a Saturday morning, look no further.  Banish thoughts of squeaky school recorder groups.  Come and enjoy beautiful sounds, fluid melodies, an array of different recorders, and the unbelievable crispness and precision of Consortium5’s ensemble playing.

"Consortium5's fare is about as far as you can get from painful school-day recorder recitals of Frère Jacques – they perform a considerable repertoire on a staggering range of instruments...  from the cloudy tones of the 6ft sub-bass recorder to the virtuoso descant" (The Scotsman)

The music is mainly from the 16th and 17th centuries, when these instruments were at their peak – but leavened with fresh sounds from three exciting young composers bent on exploring what these old pipes are capable of – Luke Styles, Kim Ashton and Richard Lannoy.

Consortium5 was born in 2005 out of a love of consort music and recorders shared by a group of Royal Academy students, now established as one of the leading recorder consorts of their generation. They’ve already won a clutch of prizes and awards, and their debut CD was voted among the top ten best classical albums of the year by Chicago Time Out.

Three works commissioned by the group are featured, showing how these instruments fascinate today’s composers.

For access to Consortium5's website, click here. For Consortium5 on YouTube, click here.

Concert sponsored by Roy K Phillips