Laura Tivendale

Laura Tivendale

St Christopher

The Iberian Harpsichord
Event 4
Saturday October 9th, 5.00pm 
Little Missenden Church

Brilliant harpsichord music with Spanish roots
Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata K318 in F# major, Andante Sonata K319 in F# major, Allegro
Sebastián de Albero
Fuga in D major, Allegro
Antonio Soler
Sonata R84 in D major, Allegro Sonata in G major, Cantabile Sonata R12 in G major ‘De la Codorniz’, Allegro molto
Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata K366 in F major, Allegro Sonata K367 in F major, Presto
Johann Gottfried Pratsch

This is an archived event from the 2010 Programme.

Laura Tivendale harpsichord

This programme of brilliant harpsichord writing is alive with vigorous rhythms and joyously full of unexpected harmonies, misplaced accents and other subtleties.

The flamboyant and exuberant folk music of the Iberian Peninsula influenced a wealth of colourful harpsichord works that explored the sound world of the instrument. The Neapolitan harpsichord master Domenico Scarlatti moved to the Spanish court, where he absorbed the flavours and rhythms of Spanish dances and folk tunes, with their Moorish and Gypsy roots, influences that infused his compositions. The other three composers are younger contemporaries who were heavily influenced by Scarlatti, two Spaniards and a Czech - but even the latter is represented by an impetuous Iberian fandango.

Laura Tivendale is a highly impressive young musician (winner of the 2009 Broadwood Harpsichord Competition) who's made a special study of the virtuoso works of Scarlatti and Rameau. Her playing has impressed fellow musicians as well as critics:

"Laura has a great ability to communicate with her audiences and plays with a beautiful singing sound, plus great fire and panache when this is needed. Her performances are always interesting and persuasive" (Virginia Black)

"Although her playing remained musically sensitive throughout, she was also able to impart real power and energy into her playing. This was a very impressive performance by a talented young musician" (Andrew Benson-Wilson, Early Music Review)

Laura feels that many people have a limited image of her chosen instrument, and is keen to "show them what the harpsichord can do... It can be very beautiful, and it's an instrument full of expression".

She graduated with first class honours and an LRAM from the Royal Academy of Music, and has garnered various prizes and awards. Apart from solo work she is the harpsichordist of the Little Baroque Company.

Laura will be playing a very special harpsichord, made in Florence by Gio Piero Migliai in 1763. The tonal qualities and colours of this rare instrument are ideally suited to the Iberian repertoire.  It was only discovered a few years back, and after a major restoration this will be one of its first public performances in modern times.  

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Concert sponsored by Roy K Phillips