SYM TrioSt Christopher

Event 7
Wednesday October 14th, 8.00pm 
Little Missenden Church

Folk traditions in Northern Europe

This is an archived event from the 2009 Programme.

Anne Hytta Hardanger fiddle, Eléonore Billy nyckelharpa, Clare Salaman hurdy gurdy

The Festival’s foray into folk music was so successful last year that we’ve invited SYM to bring us their rare and haunting repertoire of compositions drawing on the diverse traditions of Northern European folk music. They combine the joyous dance rhythms of the early French and English courts with darker, complex melodies inspired by the ice-bound fjords of Norway and the primeval forests of Sweden. Their fascinating traditional instruments – Hardanger fiddle, nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) and hurdy gurdy – generate a rich and resonant sound-world.

SYM’s three members come from England, France and Norway. Their enchanting sounds will delight lovers of classical and early music as well as devotees of folk music – and anyone who responds to fresh and appealing sonorities.

All their instruments feature strings that vibrate sympathetically, creating an ethereal soundscape:

“Exquisite, warm, rich and texture-laden sound” (Taplas)

“Norwegian hardanger violins, Swedish nyckelharpas and the hurdy gurdy are brandished here to conjure up an eerie, natural environment which is both refreshing and magical....Heady and unique” (Musician)

“Great music, great stage presence. The audience loved them” (Pentreffest Festival)

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