Janet Davey

Chika Robertson

St Christopher

Event 2abc
Saturday October 9th, 10.00am, 12 noon, 2.30pm 
Little Missenden Church

Children’s workshops

This is an archived event from the 2010 Programme.

Janet Davey workshop leader/piano, Chika Robertson violin, Children from all three schools vocals and instruments

These three concerts provide a showcase for music and other creative work developed with and by children from Little Missenden, Hyde Heath and Prestwood Infants Schools, in workshops led by Janet Davey and Chika Robertson. They'll be involved in music-making, dance and movement, visual artwork and poetry. The Guildhall Samba Band and the Palm Strings Ukelele Ensemble will also take part.

SongTrees links children with their families and communities through musical memory and song, exploring the childhood musical experiences of their parents and grandparents as:

  • a starting point for a new composition by Janet Davey;
  • a source of musical material to work with; and
  • a stimulus to unlock the children's creative ability.

These Festival-funded workshops benefit children, families and teachers, and link with the curriculum. Children enjoy and get confidence in their own music-making and creativity.

Composer Janet Davey has worked for eight years with local schoolchildren on the Festival's behalf. As an award-winning radio programme-maker and broadcaster she specialised in creating ‘sound worlds', and developing science broadcasts about ‘The Brain and Music'. Violinist Chika Robertson (Joint Chief Executive of the Music Mind Spirit Trust), is passionate about involving music in education.

Little Missenden Infants will feature in the 10 o'clock performance (2a); Prestwood Infants at 12 noon (2b); and Hyde Heath Infants at 2.30 (2c).