St Christopher

Jewelled tapestries
Event 6
Sunday October 4th, 3.00pm 
Little Missenden Church

Weaving new and old music
Georg Philipp Telemann
Fantasias for Solo Violin: No 7 in Eb Major TWV 40:20 No 10 in D Major TWV 40:23
Barbara Monk Feldman
Clear Edge
Morton Feldman
Spring of Chosroes (violin and piano) – Palais de Mari
Howard Skempton
Forget the Minuet – Scherzo – Semi-attached – Tender Melody – Air Melody – Svenska 1 & 2 – Lament

This is an archived event from the 2015 Programme.

Darragh Morgan violin  John Tilbury piano  Howard Skempton accordion 

This programme grew from Howard Skempton’s love of the music (and wit) of American composer, Morton Feldman (1926-1987). Starting from Feldman’s aphorism, “the sound is the experience”, he has chosen a set of miniatures that play with harmony, melody and instrumental colour in subtle and deceptively beautiful ways.

Feldman saw his works like a painter – “I more or less prime the canvas with an overall hue of the music”. He was fascinated by the offsymmetry and uniqueness of Persian tapestries. Spring of Chosroes is based around such a carpet, owned by Sassanian King Chosroes II.

Shared interest in beautiful and mysterious patterns weaves in Telemann, a key figure of the Baroque. Darragh Morgan plays two Fantasias for violin, using a baroque bow he also adapts to play Feldman.

Telemann, Skempton and Morton Feldman were largely self-taught. Inspired by a deeply felt attachment to sound itself, they crafted jewel-like pieces that reflect light and secret depths. These celebrated performers offer us an exquisite listening experience in the afternoon reflections of our magical church.

Darragh Morgan: Recognised soloist of new music Darrragh Morgan regularly appears as leader of Ensemble Modern, BCMG, Musik Fabrik, and previously as member of The Smith Quartet. He is currently violinist with the Fidelio Trio.

Howard Skempton studied with Cornelius Cardew, creating a musical language of great simplicity, undeflected by compositional trends.

John Tilbury has a rare pianistic touch and insight into Feldman’s music. He’s renowned for peerless interpretation of Morton Feldman, John Cage, Christian Wolff and Howard Skempton.