Belinda Sykes

Avivit Caspi

Jeremy Avis

Jean Kelly

Tim Garside

Stuart Hall

St Christopher

Dancing in Tetuán
Event 7
Wednesday October 13th, 8.00pm 
Little Missenden Church

The exotic sounds of traditional music from Andalucia and the Middle East

This is an archived event from the 2010 Programme.

JOGLARESA: Belinda Sykes voice, director, Avivit Caspi voice, Jeremy Avis voice, Jean Kelly harp, Tim Garside nay, percussion, dulcimer, Stuart Hall oud, kemençe, guitar

Joglaresa bring the intoxicating sounds of Moorish Spain and the Middle East, with infectious rhythms that make you want to tap your feet. They break away from pure ‘early music' with this programme of traditional songs from the Balkans, Morocco, the Middle East, Turkey, Bulgaria and Bosnia... Judeo-Arabic dance songs, Sephardic wedding songs, Berber rhythms and Moorish romanzas from the heady spices of Andalusia and the Maghreb. Many of these survive today in aural traditions, in places as far-flung as Tangier, Sarajevo and Calcutta. They will include songs by medieval Spanish-Hebrew poets: Rabbi Yehuda Halevi of Tudela (d1146), Solomon Ibn Gabirol of Saragossa (dc1058) and Todros Abulafia of Castile (d1306).

Joglaresa are an exciting group, pushing out the limits of what we think of as ‘early music', combining ethnic songs, instruments and performance styles from diverse cultures. This London-based British/Israeli/Irish/Arabic ensemble were among the first to programme music from medieval Jewish and Arabic sources. Joglaresa members spent years in North Africa and the Middle East absorbing the best traditional tunes, learning the local languages (Arabic and Hebrew), and even intermarrying!

Reviewers of their recently-released CD of Dancing in Tetuán were highly impressed:

"Beautifully matched voices weave mellifluously around one another, framed by subtle accompaniments and flowing rhythms... rarely have alienation and loss sounded so sweet and appealing" (Songlines)

"Joyful and accessible... Triste esta el rey David is one of the most beautiful songs released this year... Stunning achievement" (Stirrings)

"Carnival-like exuberance... enjoyable and virtuosic" (fROOTS)

"Ground-breaking ensemble of cultural nomads... I was blown away by their charm and originality" (The Scotsman)

For more information about Joglaresa, click their main site here.  Or for more information on Dancing in Tetuán, click here.