Rob Harbron and Emma Reid
Event 7
Thursday 11th October, 8:00pm 
Little Missenden Village Hall

A new look at traditional music

This is an archived event from the 2018 Programme.


 Rob Harbron English concertina, guitar, vocals  Emma Reid fiddle, viola, vocals

©Olga Magnusson 


“The one thing that unites all great folk musicians is that they are all completely individual”
 Martin Carthy, MBE


Rob Harbron and Emma Reid are renowned instrumentalists and compelling performers. Together they draw on their shared roots in English traditional music, but also introduce other styles and traditions, including those of Emma’s motherland, Sweden.

Rob and Emma perform their own compositions alongside traditional songs and tunes. The core of their performance is about bringing the dance tunes of England to life, with vitality, swing, and lift at the heart of each tune. This is honest, upbeat music for our acoustic setting, where you can enjoy the spontaneous harmonies and intricate interactions between the players - and their dialogue with the audience.

“Both players like to delve deeply into the music they play, perhaps playing an English tune we’ve heard a hundred times before, but drawing out beauty and nuances not touched upon by more boisterous players” The Living Tradition

Rob Harbron, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, and a uniquely skilled player of the English concertina, is a member of Leveret (with Sam Sweeney and Andy Cutting) - who gave us such a memorable performance in 2015.

Emma Reid started playing fiddle at the age of three with her Swedish mother. She studied Swedish folk music performance with Ellika Frisell and Sven Ahlbäck at the Stockholm Royal College of Music, graduating in 2003, and has a Master’s degree in Music from Newcastle University.


Rob and Emma play Great Uncle Henry and Waiting For Rain  


Listen to The Rose Tree/Getting Upstairs from New Dogs, Old Tricks (2006)

Listen to November Waltz from Flock & Fly (2015)

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