Orlando Consort

St Christopher

The Toledo Summit
Event 5
Saturday October 9th, 8.00pm 
Little Missenden Church

Orlando Consort sing 16th-century Burgundian Court music
Alfonso de Mondejar
Ave rex noster
Pierre de La Rue
Gaude virgo • Missa de Sancto Job: Gloria • Autant en emporter le vent
O bone Jesu
Pedro de Escobar
Missa pro defunctis: Introit and Kyrie • Regina caeli
Francisco de Peñalosa
Versa est in luctum • Missa L’homme armé: Credo
Alexander Agricola
Je n’ay dueil • Si dedero
Francisco de La Torre
Justa fue • Adorámoste, Señor
Pedro de Lagarto
Andad, pasiones, andad
Antonius Divitis
O desolatorum consolator

This is an archived event from the 2010 Programme.

ORLANDO CONSORT: Matthew Venner alto, Mark Dobell tenor, Angus Smith tenor, Donald Greig baritone

In 1502 Philip the Fair, Duke of Burgundy travelled to Toledo to meet his in-laws, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. The Burgundian Court was at the centre of European culture, and Philip took his chapel choir and a host of his finest singer-composers. The Orlando Consort will sing a wonderful array of the music performed by both courts at this epic five-month summit. And what lovely music it is - rich, subtle and mellifluous, with piquant dissonances.

Josquin Desprez, one of the greatest composers, declined to join the party, but the programme includes two of his pieces - partly for comparison, and partly because he's too good to leave out.

The Orlando Consort is the perfect ensemble for this music - one of Britain's most important vocal groups, performing to the highest standards and renowned for imaginative and innovative programming. They work with leading academics, often on music that has never been performed in modern times, setting new standards of performance - particularly for the pronunciation and tuning of this fascinating repertoire. This is their third appearance at Little Missenden.

"The sheer skill of the Orlando Consort leaves one speechless: everything is immaculately tuned, balanced and phrased; absolutely nothing seems to impede the flow of the music" (Gramophone)

"Moving and luminous" (New York Times)

"The Orlando Consort's performances are staggeringly beautiful" (The Times)

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Concert sponsored by the Festival Friends

Dedicated to the memory of John Buston