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Little Missenden

Little Missenden

Little Missenden

Acknowledgments and Thanks

Support and funding

We thank all those who have helped with the Festival, supported us financially and in other ways. Special thanks to the funding bodies and sponsors listed below, without whose generous support there would be no Festival (for information about our supporters, click on the names in orange below).

Friends of the Little Missenden Festival

The Festival is especially indebted to the Friends. Their support and generosity enables us not only to continue operating, but to maintain a level of quality we couldn't afford in our small venues if we depended entirely on ticket sales. They make it possible to commission new pieces from time to time.

The Friends of the Little Missenden Festival is a registered charity (no. 266028). Membership not only provides valuable support to the Festival, but also entitles Friends to priority booking. The minimum annual subscription is £15 for individuals and £20 for couples - some Friends opt to increase their support by paying more. Tax is recovered on all subscriptions paid through Gift Aid by UK taxpayers, which increases the  level of support at no cost to members.

For more about the Friends, or to become one yourself, please contact the Treasurer, Patrick Arbuthnot

01494 727 721


Sponsorship is another valuable way of funding the Festival. We enjoy valuable support from both individuals and organisations. Sponsors may support particular events, new commissions or particular aspects of the Festival, like piano hire. Sponsors receive complimentary tickets for their events, and are acknowledged by name in our brochures, website and programme notes.

Helping with the Festival

Financial support is vital, but the Festival couldn't take place without the practical assistance of our many helpers. We have no paid workers - the Festival is run entirely by volunteers.

There is a wide range of activities involved. We have a marvellous team, but we welcome any further offers of help. Click here to see some of the tasks that have to be done.

For more about helping or sponsoring the Festival, please e-mail 

Planning and managing the Festival

Little Missenden Festival Committee

Chair - Alan Hedges

Committee - Angela Bishop, Polly Buston, Geoff Clare, Jennie Flower, John Glasson, Beth Neill, Martin Runnacles, Dick Ware, Dick Wells, Rev. John Simpson (ex officio)