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Interwoven Harmonies

Andy Cutting accordion, melodeon  Rob Harbron concertina  Sam Sweeney fiddle

It seems only yesterday but it’s actually seven years since Leveret were last with us at Little Missenden. At the time, they’d only been together as a band for a year, though they’d had (and continue to have) long individual histories as exceptional performers and masters of their instruments.

Leveret is a unique collaboration between three of England’s finest folk musicians, with five CDs to their name and many successful tours under their belt. Hearing them perform live is electrifying. Their performances combine consummate musicianship, compelling delivery and captivating spontaneity. 

What they play is based partly on traditional tunes and partly on their own, but that’s just the starting point. They don’t use fixed arrangements and the same piece can sound totally different from gig to gig. Mutual trust, listening and responding are what give their audiences such a deeply satisfying experience. Their playing is relaxed and natural, drawing us in and inviting us to share in music-making that’s both truly spontaneous and deeply timeless.

Programme Notes (also available at the concert free of charge)


“Just sublime. I can't recommend seeing them live enough” Verity Sharp, BBC Radio 3

“The intimacy and the intensity of this in the round experience was unlike anything I had heard all year” The Arts Desk




Wed 12 Oct 2022 8.00pm

Little Missenden Church

£20, £16, £10

Leveret - Sidney Forlong / Misty Morning (Live at The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh)