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Marian Miracles

Belinda Sykes voice, recorder, director Victoria Couper voice Jeremy Avis voice, percussion May Robertson fidel, voice Louise Anna Duggan voice, harp, percussion Elsa Bradley (or Jonny Akerman) dulcimer, percussion Jordan Murray dulcimer, percussion

¡Bailemos! Aires Nunes
Sempr’acha Santa Maria Cantiga de Santa Maria 137
Ali u a penedença Cantiga de Santa Maria 155
De muitas guisas los presos Cantiga de Santa Maria 158
U alguen a Jesucristo Cantiga de Santa Maria 281
Se ome fezér de grado Cantiga de Santa Maria 207
Cuncti simus concanentes anon
Douce Dame Jolie Guillaume de Machaut
Ana wallahi Wallada – Princess of Cordoba
Al pasar por Sevilla trad Sephardic

It’s hard to believe it but Joglaresa have been performing now for nearly 30 years. They’ve been with us twice for their inimitable Christmas performances and they constantly fascinate by the way in which they imaginatively push, and often transcend, the limits of what’s often thought of as early music.

Their programme for us today is largely taken from the bottomless cornucopia of the Cantigas de Santa Maria – a collection of over 400 songs compiled by and for the use of the twelfth-century court of Alfonso X of Castile. Every song mentions the Virgin Mary in one way or another – sometimes as an object of veneration but more frequently as a source of miracles. These miracles are sometimes granted as rewards, but more often as punishment for bad behaviour.

The songs were designed as moral lessons, dressed up to appeal to the senses as well as the intellect. There’s no group better than Joglaresa to bring out the full vitality and sheer fun in the music.

Two of the Cantigas in performances by Joglaresa can be previewed at these YouTube links:

Ali u a penedença (The Thieving Knight)

Sempr’acha Santa Maria (The Lustful Knight)

Programme notes can be downloaded here.

Joglaresa are at the forefront of singers and instrumentalists whose study of improvisation and ethnomusicology informs and shapes their imaginative re-creation of medieval music-making” The Times

Belinda Sykes has one of the most striking and original voices to appear in the medieval music world” Christopher Page


Concert made possible by a grant from Continuo Foundation.

The concert is expected to last approximately 75 min.


Fri 15 Oct 2021 8.00pm

Little Missenden Church

£25, £18, £10

Joglaresa perform Sephardic Song - Al Ahavatcha