Online Booking


Our agents TicketSource charge a flat rate booking fee of £2.00 for each transaction. If you were to buy tickets for more than one event in a single transaction, for example, you would still only pay £2.00. Tickets will be emailed to you at no extra charge.


Pay by credit or debit card at checkout.

Privacy and Protection

TicketSource is an independent agency which uses secure, encripted protocols to protect your personal information and any financial transaction you make through their website.

The Festival will never have access to your financial details - these are processed on TicketSource’s secure site. If you book online you will be added to our database if you’re not already on it. A free copy of the Festival Brochure will be posted to you, and occasional emails about the Festival sent.

Neither TicketSource nor Little Missenden Festival will pass your name or contact details to any other organisation. You can unsubscribe from future mailings at any time.