"Most concerts take place in the intimate setting of the church of St John the Baptist, Little Missenden, a small Saxon-cum-Norman building with a fine immediate acoustic"



Local performance of Philip Glass opera

Philip Glass's opera The Juniper Tree is being performed in the area this week (30th and 31st March) at the Hammond Theatre, Hampton TW12 3DH (near Twickenham).

The performance is nothing to do with the Festival, except that it has been devised and promoted by Andy Langley (a long-standing Festival volunteer, who has for many years been in charge of updating our website). Andy is also conducting the performance, which is presented by The Helen Astrid Singing Academy.  For further details please click here to download a flyer for this event.

The 2016 Festival

The 57th Little Missenden Festival was outstandingly successful.  We achieved our second highest level of ticket sale, and the artistic quality of the performances was high.  Thank you to all the performers;  to all our audiences for their support; and to our volunteers for making the whole thing possible.    

Founder Pat Harrison and the Festival's history

If it had not been for the commitment and determination of Pat Harrison, the Festival's founder, and the moving spirit behind it until her death in 1998, we would not now be looking back at a very successful 57 years.  The Amersham Museum website now has a fascinating  piece about Pat Harrison, and about the Festival's history.  Click here to read the article. 

Classical Music Magazine

The Festival had good coverage in the October 2016 edition of Classical Music Magazine - a mention on the cover and a double page spread with a photo of the Ligeti Quartet. Click here to read the article.

Helping the Festival

Being a completely volunteer-run organisation we’re always needing offers of help.  We could do with some people we can call on for a few hours’ work now and again, and others who can make a bigger time commitment.  We have some tasks that involve skills and others that don’t.  Please contact us to discuss ways in which you might be able to help.  Click here for a list of things that need doing.

Fazioli piano for the Festival

We've used Fazioli grands consistently since 2014 and, like many of our performers and audience members, we've been impressed by their sound and clarity.

Fazioli are a small Italian specialist firm, producing less than 150 hand-made instruments a year - and have developed a reputation for outstanding quality.

Paulo Fazioli, born into a family of furniture makers, was obsessed with the piano from early years.  He studied piano and became fascinated with the technology and manufacture of instruments.   Graduating from Rome University with a mechanical engineering degree, he then took a piano diploma and a Masters degree in composition.  He learned woodworking skills in the family firm, but left to realise his dream of designing and building a new state-of-the-art piano.  In 1979 he set up his piano business, and started developing and producing individually hand-crafted pianos to his own original designs, based on the latest research on acoustics and materials.  Since then they have become the instrument of choice for a growing number of leading pianists and concert halls.  Click for Fazioli’s own website

We hire this beautiful beast from Jaques Samuel, one of the country’s foremost suppliers of concert quality pianos.  We are grateful to them for helping and supporting a small Festival like ours.  Click for their website

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