What personal data does Little Missenden Festival hold?

If you receive emails from the Festival, it means that your name and email address are held on our database. If you receive our annual Festival Brochure, we also have your postal address, post code and, for some customers, a telephone number.

How do we use this data?

We use the data exclusively to send you information about the Festival and to provide you with tickets. We only ever communicate by email, post, or telephone. We do not, and never will, share your data with any third parties other than our ticket agent TicketSource - see ‘Financial data’. If you book tickets online you will be added to our database if you are not already on it, and we will send you occasional emails about the Festival.

Financial data

The Festival will never have access to your financial details. If you buy tickets online or by telephone, this information is processed through our agent, TicketSource. If you have purchased tickets for the Festival, TicketSource will hold your name, postal address and post code, email address, telephone number, details of your method of payment, and details of bookings you have made.

TicketSource is an independent agency which uses secure, encrypted protocols to protect your personal information and any financial transaction you make through their website.TicketSource is fully compliant with GDPR as a Data Processor (for processing customer data when tickets are purchased online or by telephone) and as a Data Controller (for processing the Festival’s data). The company uses computer servers physically located within the UK for all of its UK based services.

TicketSource will not pass your name or contact details to any other organisation but may occasionally need to email you regarding their service as it relates to Little Missenden Festival. TicketSource’s Full Terms and Condition (including their Privacy Policy) can be viewed here


If you do not wish to receive information about the Festival, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the end of any email you receive from us or by sending an email to contact@little-missenden.org and your details will then be removed from both the Little Missenden Festival database and the TicketSource database. You can subscribe again at any time by going to the Festival website or by clicking on this link


If you have any questions regarding your personal data, please email contact@little-missenden.org

Festival Website www.little-missenden.org